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In an effort to provide better service to the profession and "go green" the NCBATE will no longer accept paper applications for licensure or renewal.

According to NC General Statute 90-527 "no person shall practice or offer to practice as an athletic trainer, perform the duties of an athletic trainer, or use any card, title, or abbreviation to indicate the person is an an athletic trainer unless that person is currently licensed."**

In NC there is no grace period for obtaining licensure and beginning practice or employment. If you are employed as an athletic trainer or practicing as an athletic trainer, you must be licensed.



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NCBATE Policy Statements


The NCBATE has release the following statement on the use of dry-needling in a LAT's practice and the requirements needed to include dry-needling in the LAT protocol


The NCBATE has released the following statement on the use of Epinephrine Auto Injectors


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If you would like an 8.5" x 11"  laminated copy from the NCBATE, please contact Paola Learoyd, Executive Director and the NCBATE office can provide that for you free of charge.

f you need verification for another U.S. State, click here .  To the right of your name you will find documents for download. Within these documents is verification of your LAT licensure.

If you are a past LAT please contact Paola Learoyd at for verifciaton to be sent to another U.S. State.

NCBATE Mission

The North Carolina Board of Athletic Trainer Examiners is statutorily created and delegated with the authority to regulate the profession of athletic training in the interest of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public. With necessary oversight by government, the Board enforces standards and criteria set forth in statute and adds specificity through the promulgation of regulations. The effectiveness and efficiencies of the Board is enhanced by populating the Board with a combination of consumer members as well as those with the necessary expertise to address the complexities of the profession specific issues. An administrative regulatory system provides consumers with an assurance of the qualifications of licensees and a means of enforcement for the benefit of the public.




The NCBATE office is also a place where North Carolinians can call with questions about a licensed Athletic Trainer, and inquire about licensed persons.  It's also a place where the public can turn to file a complaint against an Athletic Trainer that they may feel is in violation of the law or to file a complaint against a member of the public who is practicing or holding themselves out to be an "Athletic Trainer" or a "Trainer"


The NCBATE also provides services to individuals applying for licensure as well as those already licensed in North Carolina.  The Board is the practitioner's resource for any questions regarding NC's laws and regulations and continuing education requirements.


Paola Learoyd, Executive Director can be contacted via telephone at 919-821-4980 or email at We look forward to hearing from you!!


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